Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Daily Caller Rips Into Barron Trump

There is no one 'editing' the Daily Caller because it's a shit-storm as per usual: 

I’ve been on the Barron Trump train from the start, but it’s about time the president’s son starts dressing the part.

The reaction of everyone normal is, "who cares about any of this? Don't attack the poor kid."

In contrast, the reaction of the conservative media is, "here's something we can talk about that will gain us clicks and the attention of Steve Bannon, and maybe a gig writing for Breitbart when the Daily Caller goes tits up."

The author of this piece, Ford Springer, goes on to write about how he was a badass at one point:

What am I missing here? Is Barron just better than I ever was at rebelling against my parents? Yeah, I’d put the blazer and tie on and comb my hair and all that, but as soon as my mom turned her head you better believe I was messing my hair up and loosening my tie. Hell I might even undo a couple buttons on my shirt if I was feeling like a real badass.

Barron doesn’t have to worry about all that, but he should. His dad is always looking dapper and his mom has become a worldwide fashion icon since becoming first lady. The youngest Trump doesn’t have any responsibilities as the president’s son, but the least he could do is dress the part when he steps out in public.

Sounds like Ford wants to fuck her, doesn't it? This is what our new favorite badass looks like, by the way:


Liberals always admonish each other when someone attacks the child of the sitting Republican president. This was what it was like when Bush was president and his daughters were running wild up and down the East Coast, tormenting their Secret Service protection details. Conservatives ripped into Chelsea Clinton and the Obama children mercilessly for years. Here we have proof that the conservative movement can't stop attacking children and their appearance, even when it's some unshaven goof pretending to know what 'journalism' looks like.


  1. This attack is a horrid example of how conservatives EAT their young❗️😡 I am a Born Again, in the Lord, Liberal Democrat & I promise you The Lord does NOT like ANY trash talk ab CHILDREN❗️😡 HE deservedly calls it an ABOMINATION❗️😡

  2. lovergirl_123_@hotmail.comAugust 22, 2017 at 1:54 PM

    I will be the first to admit that I absolutely loathe tRump and everything he stands for, but leave Barron alone for pete's sake!! He's a kid on summer vacation from school and, if he wants to wear his T-shirts and casual clothes, it's his business. Soon enough, he'll go back to school and he'll have to wear his suits and ties again. Let him enjoy being a normal kid as long as he can and hope that he doesn't turn out to be like his older siblings who all bow down to Don the Con and follow in his nasty footsteps!!

  3. Let the boy alone. Its nice to see him look like an 11 year old. I get sick of seeing him in a blazer, tie and stiff white shirt. I think his father makes him wear the blazer and white shirt and tie. He used to make Donald Jr. wear a suit to a basketball game. Maybe Melania is standing uo to Donnie. Making him leave the boy alone. Youn look great Barron. I still detest his father and his so called agenda.

  4. No matter what political views about a president, the children should considered "off limits" ! Unless it's about those horrid grown slime bags he has, Barron should be left out of negative conversation.

  5. Can't tolerate Trump. Kids are off limits. He didn't choose to be there and he should be left alone.

  6. Barron can wear whatever he wants in my opinion. Why should we care?! Anyway, he does wear a nice suit when he's at a public function!BUT, my problem is with you! There's no way of knowing what political party someone is with who names statements against Barron Trump. You can't accuse conservatives, republicans, democrats, liberals OR ANYONE'S POLITICAL PREFERENCE for bashing the presidents son. This makes YOU A HATER - AND A FOOL!There are Republicans who disaprove of Trump as well as Democrats who approve of him!What is wrong with you? Why are YOU so full of hate?!

  7. There's nothing wrong with me. If you had read the post, you would know that:
    This originated with something that a conservative wrote on The Daily Caller that he signed his name to.
    I wrote that normal people would say: "who cares about any of this? Don't attack the poor kid."
    But thanks for stopping by and commenting without reading what was written. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and your attention to detail and your ability to comment publicly with a made-up name about something you clearly do not have any working comprehension of nor the ability to figure out.