Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I'm Not Going to Own It

This should not be a shock--especially for anyone waiting to get paid for the work they did on one of Trump's casinos or building projects:

President Harry Truman famously said "the buck stops here."

President Donald Trump, faced with the failure of the Senate Republican health care bill, says Obamacare will fail, and he'll make sure he's not taking the blame.

"We're not going to own it. I'm not going to own it," Trump said Tuesday at the White House in his first public appearance since the Senate bill fell apart. "I can tell you the Republicans are not going to own it. We'll let Obamacare fail and then the Democrats are going to come to us."

All presidents point fingers at the opposing party. But Trump's attempt to pass the buck on his party's failure to approve a health care reform bill breaks with the way his predecessors sought to tout the power of the presidency by arguing responsibility stops in the Oval Office -- and could contribute to his difficulties facing his administration during its first six months and beyond.

    Trump's comments track with his governing style. Vice President Mike Pence, top White House aides and Health and Human Services Department leaders were taking point in negotiating with Congress, while Trump made phone calls and held meetings with individual or small groups of lawmakers. But Hill Republicans say Trump didn't use his bully pulpit to sell the health care bill, and when he did, his comments were in general terms about improving health care, despite the complexities involved in the legislation.

    "He was playing with a firetruck and trying on a cowboy hat as the bill was collapsing and he had no clue," a top Republican told CNN on Tuesday, mocking the President's "Made in America" week events at the White House on Monday.

    Funny how a guy who knows the bankruptcy laws inside and out would know so much about sticking others with the bill. Some day very soon, these "top Republicans" are going to deliver sick burns on this president and they're going to tell the reporters, "make sure my name is spelled properly, because, yeah, I'm going to own that."

    Only in America, circa 2017, could the sitting president say that he does not want to be responsible for a major policy failure and say that he doesn't want to own it and get away with it. He is basically telling twenty to thirty million Americans with health insurance, "go fuck yourselves because I need a win."

    Imagine writing this three or four years ago! It's insane! Every day is insane! And yet, we press on with our lives. Amazing.

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