Monday, July 31, 2017


I would take all of this with a grain of salt:

I spoke this morning with my friend, a former Republican member of Congress, who’s as worried as I am about Trump’s mental state and the growing possibility that he or people around him committed treason by collaborating with Russian operatives to throw the election. 

Me: Do other current and former Republican members of Congress feel like you do?

He: Lots of them. They think Trump’s loony tunes, and he’s in Putin’s pocket. 

Me: Well why the hell don’t they say something? As long as this looks like a partisan brawl we’re never going to get anywhere.

He: No one wants to be the first. They worry Trump will start tweeting on them, or his crazy-ass supporters at home will go after them. 

Me: Then why not issue a joint statement? A bunch of Republicans could call for a Select Committee to look into all of this, a special prosecutor. There's safety in numbers. 

He: A few of them are talking about it right now, but McConnell and Ryan don’t want to rock the boat. They want to focus on repealing Obamacare, getting a giant tax cut, wiping out environmental regulations, you know the drill. 

Me: But don’t they know the Trump issues are just going to get worse? Republicans need to get ahead of this or they’ll get bulldozed by it. 

He: McConnell and Ryan don’t see it that way. They figure Trump will continue his circus act, stirring up the press, driving everyone crazy. So they can quietly work with Pence and get their agenda through when no one is paying much attention. 

Me: You mean Trump is a decoy?

He (chuckling): Yeah. At least for now.

You do not govern the United States of America with a decoy; I believe Reich is honest and is recounting what was said but I don't think this is "true" because it too conveniently makes a Republican member of Congress look "smarter" than he really is. The Republicans in the House are not smart men or women; they are clever at raising money and winning elections in safe districts. If there's a smart one among them, then that person left Congress a long time ago. The ones that are there now thought Trump would pivot and govern like a conservative; they thought the moderating influence of the people around him would give them something with which to beat liberals over the head.

Today's Republican just wants to oppose whatever liberals are for (Cleek's Law) and get away with it by manipulating a media complex that already disdains how Democrats govern.

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