Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Stephen Colbert is an American Treasure

If you look at where Stephen Colbert is right now, that's where America will be in about eight months:

Oh, my bad. CNN won't even show the best part, which is where Colbert really goes after the president. You can view it here, and even then, they bleep it.

The American people don't need any of this bleeped. They need to hear the unfettered truth. When everyone starts getting arrested, all we'll have left are our memories of being able to enjoy listening to someone tell us the honest truth.

Colbert is miles ahead of his competitors (Jimmy Kimmel is making a serious run at being "woke" when it comes to the evils of the Republican Party) and he's absolutely killing it, night after night. If you think about how Rachel Maddow is reinventing cable news and how Samantha Bee is basically queen of everything satirical, Colbert has carved out his own place in the late night landscape. He's saying everything everyone needs to hear, and he doesn't care whose cock holster gets bent out of shape.

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  1. He's correct in his assertion of Trum and Putin. I admire his ability to call it as he sees it.