Sunday, May 7, 2017

Michael Flynn is a Traitor to His Country

Trump doesn't want his staff to continue dumping on Michael Flynn:

On the eve of Sally Yates' testimony before the Senate on her warnings about Mike Flynn, the President wants any of his staff who've been feeding negative lines about Flynn to the media to stop immediately. 

White House officials have been eager to throw the former national security advisor under the bus, but a source familiar with the President's thinking says he still thinks highly of Flynn and has never authorized any of his staff to undermine the general. Trump still defends his former national security advisor and wasn't happy to see an Axios story Sunday afternoon saying administration officials have been attacking Flynn to reporters.

How Trump reasons it, per the source:

  • General Flynn is a good man who served his country admirably.

  • The Russia story is "fake news" and Flynn did nothing wrong by having the conversations with the Russian ambassador. (Though obviously the President has acknowledged publicly that it wasn't appropriate for Flynn to either mislead the Vice President or not remember the phone call where they discussed sanctions.)

  • When Flynn went to Russia in 2015 to deliver a paid speech and take a photo with Putin, he was acting under an Obama security clearance. This is a point the President wants to stress and you can expect to hear the White House press team repeat it. 

I just want to point out one thing--there is no such thing as an "Obama security clearance." There is simply no scenario where that's a real thing. General Flynn had a job in the Obama Administration. It was a job that put him in charge of the Defense Intelligence Agency. When it became apparent that he couldn't run the DIA, they fired him.

Whatever clearance he had after that was granted to him by the Department of Defense. That had nothing to do with the Obama Administration. For a very good reason, you don't distinguish between clearances granted by Democrats or Republicans. When you work for the government, and the government gives you a clearance, whoever is president has nothing to do with it. 

Michael Flynn is a registered foreign agent who apparently didn't tell anyone the Russians were giving him tens of thousands of dollars. His tenure as National Security Advisor was one of the biggest dumpster fires created by the new Trump Regime. He was fired for lying to the Vice President. He may have lied to the FBI. He may have transferred classified information to the Russians. Who knows what he did?

Well, we know that the Trump people know what he did. So far, they're covering everything up. And this is President Obama's fault how, again? Who brought this man into the Trump campaign? Well, it was Trump who did that. Who sent Michael Flynn out there to call for Hillary Clinton to be locked up? Donald Trump. Who made him National Security Advisor? Donald Trump. So who's responsible for this fiasco? Well, if you guess anything other than Donald Trump, I don't know what to do for you.



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