Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Murderer's Row of Distinctly Horrible Human Beings

I know that this is an old photo, but the story behind it is still fascinating. 

When it was released during the presidential election, you would have thought that Michael Flynn's association with Trump would have been a bigger issue. It wasn't. It was no big thing for Republicans, who have embraced traitors as if there was nothing to it all. The Republican Party is the party of treason. Straight up. Flynn waltzed into the position of National Security Advisor and only lost it because the heat got turned up on his foreign dealings--his "treason in exchange for cash" deals.

We lost our minds last year--look no further than the plaintive cry, "but, her e-mails!" We have traitors in charge of our government, traitors all throughout the institutions that are supposed to keep us safe. Those same people looked at this photo, saw Flynn sitting at that table, and held their nose and voted for Trumpism.

History is going to be particularly unkind to the two Americans at Putin's table. And if you think Jill Stein is anything other than the scum of the Earth, I feel sorry for you. I feel bad that you fell for a far-left plotter and intriguer who couldn't be bothered to wipe the blood from her hands after dining with these cutthroat murderers.

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