Friday, March 24, 2017

You Have Made a Cuckold Of Me

Today, the Republican Party screwed Donald Trump in front of his supporters.

It was angry hate-sex. It wasn't pornographic so much as it was the last vestiges of decency being thrown into a dumpster and set on fire.

The Affordable Care Act has survived. A few dozen Republicans who have zero national name recognition defeated him simply by withholding their votes and Trump is baffled as to how this happened because he doesn't know anything about Congress and he never will.

His government is empty--he can't find anyone to fill critical cabinet positions. His daily agenda is marred by incompetence. Every conversation with a sentient adult becomes a complete and utter shitshow. He has been unable to ban Muslims from coming to America. His racist strategies are unraveling. He is deeply unpopular with anyone who has a sick relative, a love of country, or an ounce of dignity left. He has no significant piece of legislation of any kind to point to as an accomplishment. Everything is a fiasco, and even his pan-faced kids are unable to soothe his screaming fits of rage.

Oh, and Russia called--they're waiting for their billions in oil deal money. Oligarchs tend to send hit squads when they don't get paid, bitch.

In other news, President Trump is a complete and utter failure. 

I think that's enough for right now.

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