Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Shamefully Exploiting the Military

It was a brilliant marketing move.

Put Ivanka Trump next to the widow of a fallen SEAL, and then milk it for all it's worth.

It was shameful, but it took a page out of the George W. Bush playbook. It was reminiscent of all those times a flailing Bush Administration used the military as a backdrop as it tried to change the narrative about the Iraq War. In the weeks ahead, Trump will be forced to use to military in this way because the number of Americans who support him is disappearing as fast as the ice in the Arctic.

Our worthless media buried the lede once again. These are the LAST three paragraphs, but they should have been the first:

Trump's address came less than 40 days into a presidency that has so-far been defined more by controversies than legislative action. 

He has yet to sign any substantial bills into law, and actions taken on his biggest campaign promises have largely stalled. A hastily introduced executive action restricting travel from seven Muslim-majority countries was blocked by a federal court, tensions continue to grow between the U.S. and Mexico over a proposed wall on the southern border, and Republican lawmakers have been lambasted at town halls over promises to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. 

It's led to Trump, one of the most unpopular presidential candidates ever to take the oath of office, holding a record low job approval rating for a newly inaugurated commander-in-chief. Just 44 percent of Americans say they approve of how Trump has handled his new job, while 48 percent say they disapprove.

One of? No, he is the most unpopular. No mandate, no legitimacy, no right to call himself a loyal American, wholly owned by Russian oligarchs, and no hope of climbing out of the hole. All we can hope for is survival and special elections.

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  1. So the stories from earlier in the month say that the military cautioned him against ordering the op that he casually greenlit over his dinner meatloaf, hoping to score a quick PR boost, and that he did not provide adequate ground support the team. He and his crew have been utterly apathetic about the 29 lives lost, including civilian women and children, and his administration has lied consistently and shamelessly about the intelligence yield. Then he used the wife of the fallen SEAL whose death redounds to his own malfeasance as a prop at the State of the Union to cover his misdeeds in the fallen glory of another.
    And millions of Americans think this is just fine.
    If this had been Hillary Clinton she would have been impeached by now after spending a week in stocks in the town square of some backwater state, her white pantsuit covered in the gooey remains of thrown vegetables that had rotted due to crackdowns on farmworkers.
    In their fury to exact revenge for the tyranny of reasonableness and inclusivity they suffered during the Obama era Trumpers have lost reason and sense and the very concept of justice.
    We are living in a bad time.