Friday, February 3, 2017

We Have Never Been This Fucked Before

People all over the world are paying attention to what's happening in the United States right now. There seems to be a belief that the "distractions" of Trumpism are keeping people from seeing what's really going on. Let's not forget that people in other countries are sometimes far more savvy about politics than we are. They see the bluster, they see the controversies, but then they see the fact that some 100,000 visas have been cancelled and they know what the score is. 

Professionals in world finance look at the rollback of a few regulations and laugh--our financial sector is not well regulated at all. A Republican Congress has seen to that, and the rules that are in place have never been adequate. There was a moment after the Great Depression when someone had the nifty idea to put these people under stern regulations, but that was tyranny and communism and whatever else. If we see another financial bubble created with runaway capitalism, we'll fail to learn from that, too.

It's not enough to say that things are bad. It's appropriate to say that this country is poorly led by incompetents who are getting away with being contemptuous of tradition, customs, norms, and decency. But hey--that's what the Russians voted for, so what do I know?

Real people are being hurt every day. It doesn't matter what is said by the media anymore--they'll just lie and then that lie will get repeated. This won't end well. In all of American History, we have never been as fucked as we are right now. Variations on the image above are going to symbolize this presidency:


The history being made today will make great reading in a few years if enough of us survive to see it appear in a bookstore.

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