Thursday, January 19, 2017

Trump Thinks Rap Isn't American Music

More proof that everything associated with the Trump Regime comes down to racism and white nationalism:

The reason why Donald Trump didn’t ask Kanye West to perform at his inauguration have been revealed.
Trump’s inauguration has been hit with many problems so far. A host of artists have either turned down invitations to perform or pulled out of planned events.
However, Michael Flatley and his Lord of the Dance troupe have reportedly been booked for Donald Trump’s inauguration, while the President-elect has also reportedly managed to book a Grammy-winning singer for his Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration concert. The Roots’ Questlove has since taken to Twitter to say that he would pay her not to perform at the event.
Tom Barrack, the chair of Trump’s Presidential Inaugural Committee, has told CNN that West was not asked to perform at the inauguration because his music isn’t “typically and traditionally American”.

God, that's ignorant. Ignorant as hell, and racist, and just awful.

I'm sorry--I'd love to have positive messages and great posts, but all we have are turds and boiling cauldrons of evil to look at right now. The news is depressing, the reality is stark and unforgiving, and in less than 24 hours, all hell is going to break loose upon the Earth.

Instead of saying fuck it, I'm going to resist. That's all that good people can do. Resist.

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