Monday, January 16, 2017

This Man Owns You

Margaret Sullivan at the Washington Post wrote something today that should have been written months ago:

At the northeast corner of the National Archives building sits Robert Aitken’s sculpture “The Future,” inscribed with some famous words from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”: “What is past is prologue.”

If you buy that, it’s possible to have a solid idea of what Donald Trump’s presidency will be like for the American media and for citizens who depend on that flawed but essential institution.

The short form: hellish.

Her article is full of sad, sad examples of what journalists are about to face when dealing with the Trump Regime. But, wait, there's one little nugget of wisdom that transcends all the misery:

After last week’s news conference, Russian journalist Alexey Kovalev wrote “A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media .” He warned: “This man owns you. He understands perfectly well that he is the news. You can’t ignore him. You’re always playing by his rules — which he can change at any time without any notice.”

Now, that's all well and good, but think of the children.

Yes, the children. It may be tough out there for the journalists, but think of the kids that are going to starve when SNAP benefits are cut. Think of the people who are going to suffer because they don't have health insurance. Think of the people who are going to suffer when the economy tanks and gas goes up to $4 or $5 bucks a gallon. I know, I know--we should put the inconvenient reality of journalists first, but everybody else is being given a front row seat at the devil's banquet in hell.

Why wasn't anyone writing this stuff when it could have done some good? The Washington Post did a better job than practically anyone else back during the election, but it still wasn't enough. We needed people to explain the real suffering faced by Americans, but, instead, we heard about HER E-MAILS every fucking day.

What a disgrace.

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