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Paul Anka Will NOT Sing For the Trump Regime

UPDATE: Anka has dropped out of the gig.


Having Paul Anka sing for your inauguration is what, exactly ? Proof that there really isn't any star power in the available choices? Proof that the entire recording industry hates your guts? Proof that you, literally, have to go through hundreds of more popular artists and "settle" for an artist who is, um, not quite where he should be in terms of performing for the newly-elected President of the United States of America? Or is it something more--something like a knock against feminists?

Remember the controversy over "Having My Baby?"

Taken at face value, it's a song about a guy who is glad his wife is having his baby. At first listen, it seems harmless enough. Written at a time when Anka, a former teen idol, was transitioning his career into primarily a touring performer, it was released as a tribute to his wife Anne after birthing four of their eventual five children. While he had tested the waters with DJs a few years prior with the concept, Anka eventually recorded it as a duet with his Gospel-based protege Odia Coates. The song topped the charts on August 24th, 1974, the timing of which lead to a tidal wave of controversy.

At the time of its release the women's lib movement was in full effect, and "(You're) Having My Baby" managed to alienate and outrage listeners on both sides of the political spectrum. While some critics, like Rolling Stone, blasted it at the time (and today) for being overly sappy and sentimental, the song went beyond standard critical scrutiny into the wider conversation about sexism and misogyny.

One of the main points of contention to feminists was Anka's use of "my" instead of "our." To some, singing the lyrics "having my baby" and "what a lovely way of saying that you love me" implied that mothering a child for a man was the pinnacle of achievement women could reach, or that the act of having a baby together somehow wasn't a partnership. The National Organization for Woman gave Anka their dubious "Keep Her In Her Place" award, and Ms. magazine named him "Male Chauvinist Pig of the Year." While Anka himself defends using the word as more of a song-"craftsman" choice, claiming "our baby" doesn't sound right, he did eventually begin ending the song live by altering the lyrics to "having our baby."

If someone picked Paul Anka in order to stick it to the feminists, what does that even mean? Who does that? Who has time to think of these things other than the comments section at Breitbart?


  1. Let's set the record straight. Paul Anka does not own the song 'My Way'. It's an old French song from France. All he did was translate it into English. I am sick and tired of hearing him take credit for this song. The melody is not his at all! In French, it is called 'À ma Manière', meaning My Way. Paul is a liar and detested in Ottawa, Canada. He is full of himself and seeks the spotlight constantly. He claims to be Lebanese. He's not. He is Syrian! I knew his uncles, Nick and Henry. Nick owned a hotel in Thurso, Québec, and Henry ran a gas station in Gatineau, also in Québec. His translation of My Way is good, but when he takes credit for the whole song, I want to scream!! I think it's way past time that people should know about this. He has no respect from me!

  2. Thank you for that background. It is not readily available on the Internet and I appreciate the extra information.

  3. Love all your music...until's just wrong that you be there and sing

  4. I don't think anyone under 70 yrs. old will even know who Paul Anka was, I say was because I haven't heard anything about him in so long I didn't know that he still considered himself an entertainer. Who knows Paul Anka? To me this just means that Trump had to really scrape the bottom of the barrel. So now he has A 16 yr. old 2nd placer in America's got talent, the Morman Tabernacle Choir, The Military bands who have to preform because he's their commander and chief, the Rockets who were told if they didn't dance they wouldn'thave any jobs, and Paul Anka, Some lineup Donald, some lineup. by the way did you ever get some one to design your wife a dress?

  5. Ashamed that you are Canadian.

  6. All the haters seem to be ignoring the fact that they are friends. It's covered in the story above. Give it a read!

  7. Nobody "hates" Paul Anka. I think people are disappointed, that's all. In the celebrity world, quite a few people are or were friends with Trump. That's not the issue.

  8. I love your's just wrong that you are going to sing for this clown... no more with your music...

  9. I'm still hoping that AC/DC will perform "Highway to Hell" at the inauguration. They could dedicate it to Trump and to Paula White. Paula will be praying (preying?) at the festivities.

  10. Really? I thought Paul Anka was dead?

  11. Personally, I don't care who sings for Trump. It's an honor many so called snow flake Celebs will miss out on and later, perhaps regret. Their loss, not the people's nor Trump's. I am beyond thrilled he's going to be our next President because I really believe that he will continue making a wonderful difference for Americans.

  12. But only some Americans, right? Not for the 74 million who voted for someone else, right?

  13. I hope he doesn't perform and I'm pretty disgusted that he'd consider the orange shit stain as a friend!


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