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Nicole Kidman Says That We Should Accept Trump

Nicole Kidman really, really stepped in it today:

Nicole Kidman says it’s time for Americans to both accept and support Donald Trump as the country’s next president, saying, “He’s there and let’s go.”

“I would just say he’s now elected,” Kidman said in an interview this week with BBC News when asked her opinion of the president-elect, “and we as a country need to support whosever the president is, because that’s what the country’s based on.”

A majority of Americans disagrees with Miss Kidman, but here's what's important--she's asking us to support someone who will work with the Republicans in Congress to defund Planned Parenthood, repeal the Affordable Care Act, and criminalize abortion. There has never been a president more opposed to women's rights and more dangerous to women's health issues as Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress.

Kidman, a United Nations Women goodwill ambassador, stressed that her focus is on political issues, rather than political figures, saying, “I’m very, very committed to women’s issues in terms of I do a lot of fundraising for U.N. Women and I do a lot of traveling for them.”

“I also do an enormous amount of fundraising for breast and ovarian cancer, because that’s something that’s affected my family deeply,” she said. “So they’re my issues that I’m very attached to.”

I hope she stays firmly attached to those issues, because, thanks to Trump, women in this country are going to suffer enormously because of his policies.

In the most polite way possible, I'd like to tell her to go pound sand with her opinions. Even if this comes from a place that is more naive and misguided than deliberately evil, I can't imagine who, in their right mind, failed to pay attention to the fact that Trump has said some of the worst things imaginable without any consequence whatsoever. No one who says that they are an advocate of women's health issues would ever come down on the side of "accepting" what's already begun to happen in the dead of night. Kidman's attempt to normalize Trump should fall on deaf ears.


  1. Hey Nicole, I got a couple Tic Tacs, C'mere baby!

  2. fuck you nicole. if he and his cabinet voted to bring back slavery, would you want us to support that too? you're either an idiot or a racist or both. please shut the fuck up

  3. Nicole, a simple "I'd rather not comment on that." probably would have done much for good will to you. But NO! You HAD to put your two cents worth. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  4. I refuse to support a president that has no respect for women.

  5. Go back to Australia , you stupid moron...

  6. Like you accepted "Tommy Baby" Nichole. Where was all your forgiveness and understand then. I don't think you can afford to talk, you promised God that you would stay with Tom, to my knowledge no one has said that to Donald, accept Kelly Ann Conway perhaps.

  7. i had know idea she was that stupid thank god jimmy falon had the good sense not to fall for her

  8. u should be ashamed of yourself kidman you really are brain washed just wait see what he does to you big shot...

  9. We should educate her on what this guys about- Nicole does not have a clue....

  10. I've just lost all respect for her!

  11. Is she and Keith back on drugs or is she just that stupid!

  12. That plastic from her face has leaked into her brain!

  13. Move your Australian ass to Russia!

  14. We should not watch the painful transition of power on 01/20 , hopefully will give him the lowest rating in history ! He is Dictator material 100%.( Republicans, Independents, Democrats, Military, Marines, etc. on power should watching him like a Hawk) I hope he gets the lowest rating ever ! That will make him loose sleep for days ..He has threatened the freedom of speech by condoning violence at public events and suggesting criminal penalties to punish political expression ( Dictators first step like Putin did & others had done)He has threatened the freedom of the press by vowing to revoke First Amendment protections for journalists. (Dictators 2nd step, like Putin did & others had done through history)

  15. Hey stupid. he would deport you and has no respect for actresses. Have you actually read anything he has written or heard him talk. I don't think so. Maybe the next time he sees you he will grab your pussy. How would Keith like that? Would you like having to explain to your kids why a guy who says something like that is now the president of the US? Also, he is supported by the KKK. The hate groups who are very dangerous to minorities support him. They now think it is ok to harrass minorities, beat them up and openly practice racism. That is why the citizens of the US are so upset. He is unAmerican. His ideas of government are authoritarian, hitler-like and he wants to stop even peaceful protest so we will have no redress of grievances against our government. You do not unserstand and have not looked at this con man so i don't understand why you are even commenting. Do some reading first and then you and the hubby can come back and give us your opinions.


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