Monday, December 12, 2016

Palaces in the Mind

Do you ever get the impression that the country has lost whatever is left of its mind?

I find myself avoiding the news because there's little else but horrifying revelations and fanciful talk. Is there a revolution at hand? Will everything become embroiled in a Constitutional crisis? I have no idea and no insight, but betting on the status quo usually works.

I see the idea of "palaces" as a metaphor for what people expect as opposed to what they're actually going to get. They construct palaces in their minds as a dodge from reality. There's the way things are, the way things ought to be, and then there's the inner fantasy life that people live out every day.

Fantasy sure took over in 2016, didn't it? Empathy didn't win a single thing on election day. People expect that great palaces will be built for them without a clue as to how that's supposed to work out, but they're okay with the idea that sending little kids back to Guatemala is how they'll get their palace. It will be built on the backs of The Other. They voted a particular way and now they expect everything to work the way they have always wanted it to, and everyone they don't like is slated for removal. Never mind the fact that reality is based on facts and the facts of our basic existence tell us everything they believe in is a fantasy.

Where's my palace? Where's your palace?

A better question might be, why do you need one in the first place?

Has the American experience ever been this ugly? I suppose it has but, wow. Not in my lifetime. The collective hate for anyone who is different has overwhelmed basic decency.

I can tell you this--unplugging from it all does wonders for your ability to organize your closet, your sock drawer, and in figuring out which pants still fit. I'm getting really, really good at that. And the bag I carry every day is about as organized as it has ever been. I have an ancient Plano fishing lure box that I am desperate to revolutionize. Everyone should have one.

All that other stuff?

Forget about it.

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