Thursday, August 11, 2016

Trump Says Obama and Hillary Are ISIS VIPs

This is what your wingnut uncle and your crazy aunt are going to put on their Facebook feeds before you can block them:

In an appearance on CNBC, Donald Trump reiterated his claim at a campaign rally in Florida on Wednesday that Barack Obama is the “founder of ISIS,” as was Hillary Clinton. “What?” Trump asked on Thursday morning. “Are people complaining that I said he was the founder of ISIS?”

"In sports they have awards—he gets the Most Valuable Player award,” Trump said. “Him and Hillary. She gets it too.”

The Republican nominee also went on a brief tangent complaining about how Obama refers to ISIS as “ISIL.” “He calls it ‘ISIL’ even though nobody else does,” Trump grumbled. “Probably he wants to bother people by using a different term.”

Ever aggrieved, the New York City real estate developer claimed not to care whether his comments alienate voters in swing states. (Or, presumably, anywhere.) “All I do is tell the truth,” he said. “I’m a truth teller.”

In case you missed all of the projection here, Donald Trump basically told a bunch of lies, used the most incendiary language he could come up with, and then padded it with the biggest whopper of all, "I'm a truth teller."

This is how someone sells you a used car. It's not how you run for President. It is far outside of the norms of acceptable discourse to say that the sitting president and the woman running to replace him "founded" a cult in the Middle East that cuts off heads and runs amok gunning people down. These norms are now dead and buried--Trump can say anything he wants and then reassure his followers with his beautifully executed sales technique.

Each and every single Republican who continues to endorse this man should be reminded of that fact until they leave public life. Fuckers.

I'm telling you the truth! He actually has to say that! Trump is such a nasty, vile liar that he has to throw that in there because he has no acquaintance with the truth. What a disgusting time to write about politics. There are no ideas coming from the Republicans, just vicious attacks and laughably incompetent statements, over and over again. 

And the thing that really pisses me off--as if there were only a few that did--is that Trump gets to phone it in. He gets unfettered access to the airways and gets to make these accusations and tell these lies without having to sit there in person and be filmed saying them. It's outrageous.

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