Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Trump Hasn't Spent Anything on TV Ads

The Trump campaign is a fiasco:

Donald Trump's campaign hasn't spent any money on general-election TV advertisements, NBC News reports. He's spent $0—less than Hillary Clinton, Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, or Green Party candidate Jill Stein. Clinton's campaign has reportedly spent about $52 million on TV ads, and other pro-Clinton groups have spent about $39 million, the site reports. Pro-Trump groups have spent about $8 million on ads, despite his campaign's reluctance to spend. Gary Johnson has spent $15,000, and Jill Stein has spent $189,000.

Forget everything you ever learned about politics. Trump did, and look where he's at! He's fabulous! Granted, he's down so far in the polls, no one knows when he'll hit bottom, but still. To be sitting on top of millions of dollars in donations (post-Convention) and to have spent none of that to make your case to the American people is political malpractice. And the worse Trump does, the worse it will be for Republican candidates.

His spending indicates one thing--Trump is going to pocket as much of that money as he can. He's going to take his war chest and find a way to keep paying himself to run for president. In June, he was paying a fifth of everything he took in to his own companies. Keep buying those red hats, suckers!

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