Friday, July 29, 2016

Thanks For Nothing, Assholes

Tonight I heard Hillary Clinton give a tremendous speech. It was about chasing the best version of America. It was about what we can do together if we make up our minds to stop being dicks about everything. It was about what we have to do to move this country forward so that some jerk doesn't end up with all of the money falling out of his pants.

And I'm all about that speech. It will resonate throughout this country. It will carry her on to victory because what else is there? A dark, twisted, misogynistic vision of America as seen through the holes cut in the bedsheet over Donald Trump's head? Or a call for unity so that we can solve some goddamned serious problems? A call we'd better heed. A call to all that ought to wake people up and shake them out of their complacency. A call like none other. What else is there but what Hillary was offering? Hope is something we have to keep chasing. Hating our neighbors ain't gonna work because it has never worked.

It was during that call that we got what I hope will be the last taste of what a Bernie Sanders supporter brings to the table:

Hillary Clinton was heckled and booed by a small handful of individuals Thursday night as she delivered her primetime address at the Democratic National Convention formally accepting the party’s nomination for president.

There are a lot of stupid people in America. There are way, way too many people who blunder through their lives without a thought worth expressing but they do it anyway. It's a country where someone can buy a car at 29% interest and think they got a good enough deal to justify buying a second 50-inch television they don't need that falls out of the trunk of that same car on the way home because their dumb little buddy forgot how to make two pieces of twine stay together (Dammit, Skeeter). They're gonna vote for Trump. You just know it and you can't do anything about it.

This is for those assholes who tried to make it about themselves and ruin Hillary's speech. If they had bothered to listen, she acknowledged their candidate, she embraced some of his ideas, and she made promises that she's going to try to deliver. She listened, she learned, she made it clear that she was going to reach out to them. The olive branch was more than extended, and these cheap, immature people tried to turn a moment where one of the most famous and powerful women in history reached out with her hand in decency to bring them on board into their moment of incoherent screaming.

These are the same people who booed the kid who immigrated to this country, joined the Army, and was awarded the Medal of Honor. Yeah, that's the classy way in which you change minds and influence people to come over to your side. How's that working out for ya? The optics were fantastic. Instead of courtesy, they made it theirs. If you define "theirs" as what happens when a  wino rolls in the gutter, of course. Wasn't there a cloud these people could go yell at?

What are the little girls inspired by Hillary tonight supposed to think of some low rent hipsters with no skin in the game trying to shout over the person trying to make everyone's life a little better? Who are they winning over to their side with the kind of buffoonery that you find at a cockfight or a Ted Nugent concert? I mean, goddamn, people. You couldn't just sit on your hands and listen to what the woman had to say? How hard is it to do the decent thing? Honestly.

Fuck them. Their lives will be infinitely better under a second President Clinton than they were under Bush or what they would be under Trump. They've had it great for the last eight years under President Obama but they're too self-centered to realize just how far we've come since the moment in 2008 when the world was at the brink of economic ruin.

They were never Democrats. They were just there for the swag.

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