Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Star Power

Despite all of the negativity from yesterday, the Democratic National Convention had something Republican National Convention never had.

Star power.

Even though it was only the first day, and even though the Berniebots tried to ruin everything, the inescapable power of having Michelle Obama in the room overwhelmed all other considerations. She delivered a speech, one that she didn't have to steal, that went at the heart of what electing Hillary Clinton is all about--saving this country from a dictator. 

The Democrats have star power. The Republicans have Russian E-mail hackers, washed up actors, boos, plagiarism, hate, bigotry, and bad hair.

Yesterday, I was pretty worried. Today, screw that. I'm not worried about the Democratic Party. I'm worried that it will look like a cakewalk in November and that too many people will stay home. I'm worried that Trump's operation will get sleeker and meaner and find a way to win Florida and Pennsylvania. I'm worried that the Russians will throw $500 million dollars into Trump's campaign.

There's no sense in worrying about a handful of Bernie Sanders supporters. They are not the future of the party. They're the stars of their own tragedy. And they pale in comparison to the stars we saw on the first night.

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