Monday, July 25, 2016

Senator Tom Cotton Predicts Trump Will Suddenly Become Reasonable

Well, we know one thing--when a Republican makes a prediction about Donald Trump, it always comes true.

There's a pretty big reveal here--Cotton is implicitly stating that he knows, from receiving classified briefings, that Russia is engaged in behavior that is reprehensible and goes against American interests. Trump will do what with that information? Accept it? Deny it is true?

You have the very real possibility that a man who owes Russian oligarchs several hundred million dollars will receive up-to-the-minute classified information and he will be legally bound not to share it with anyone. I'm sensing that a trap is being set here. What happens if the United States government learns that Trump is sharing classified information with the people he owes money?

What will they do and what will that mean? I think it means that people like Tom Cotton will forget they ever endorsed this Trump fellow.

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