Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Who Needs People Who Don't Vote?

Supporters of Bernie Sanders failed a very basic but important test of citizenship this year:

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ enthusiastic legion of young, independent and progressive supporters turned out to be way better at jamming rallies and concerts than they were at actually voting.

The whole thing at the San Francisco Chronicle sits behind their subscription wall; suffice it to say, this does not really add anything new to the analysis of what happened during the Democratic Primary season. In states where there was a caucus, the Sanders campaign performed disproportionately well. In states where there was a primary, the Sanders campaign literally fell apart. Washington State, in particular, showed that his caucus win was meaningless when he was trounced in the Washington State primary. His vast "army" of support was an illusion that won't materialize this fall. They are far more likely to be disaffected and irrelevant to the overall results.

Since Sanders cannot bring actual voters to the polls, why is there so much focus on what he wants? There is this narrative going around that is centered around the idea that Hillary Clinton has to win over his voters, kiss his ass, and beg everyone to give her the money they were going to give Sanders. A big part of that narrative includes the nastiness that was thrown at Senator Elizabeth Warren for endorsing Hillary. How do you reconcile that with making concessions to a candidate who doesn't even know it's over? After today's DC primary, is it over? Or will we really see a fight at the convention?

The bottom line is, the Sanders "voters" turned out to be much louder online than they were at the actual polls. He had made some very damaging claims of corruption and I don't think that they can be easily forgiven. If he thought the whole process was corrupt, why did he rely on it for his own legitimacy in the campaign? And if you can look at Donald Trump and vote for him over Hillary, you were never a Democrat in the first place.

If the last week has taught us anything, it is that no one is really thinking about Bernie Sanders anymore. In fact, I'd be willing to bet you no one reads this post and few, if any, readers will get this far. Sanders is finished.

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