Friday, June 10, 2016

Harlan Hill Leads Millions in Revolt Against Hillary Clinton

By and large, various Facebook users had such a stupid reaction to this post, I eliminated it wherever possible. I’m going to have to remember that satirical posts should probably not be shared on Facebook.

The #neverhillary movement has a face, a name, a title, a plan and a Twitter account. This rapidly spreading movement--likened to a brush fire being driven by two tornadoes and a really fast Dodge Charger--is going to crap all over the landscape and make people sorry they didn't vote for Bernie or Trump or whoever the hell.


Harlan Hill leads this resistance to corporate oligarchy and pants suits, and he's doing a fabulous job of conducting polls and getting his name on crappy blogs. Bless his heart, he can't remember when so many people were laughing with him, not at him.


UPDATE: Subtle satire does not work on Facebook:

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