Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Another Easily Debunked Hillary Smear

There will be a number of these hit pieces in the months ahead, and they're all very easily debunked because they come from the same place--the fevered imagination of the right wing rumor mill:

The author of a new tell-all book about Hillary Clinton could never have seen any of what he claims — he was too low-ranking — say several high-level members of Secret Service presidential details, including the president of the Association of Former Agents of the United States Secret Service.

On Tuesday, AFAUSSS, which is strictly nonpartisan, is set to release a statement blasting Gary Byrne author of “Crisis in Character,” saying members “strongly denounce” the book, which they add has made security harder by eroding the trust between agents and the people they protect.

“There is no place for any self-moralizing narratives, particularly those with an underlying motive,” reads the statement from the group’s board of directors, which says Byrne has politics and profit on his mind.

AFAUSSS rarely issues public statements of any kind.

The book has rankled current and former members of the Secret Service, who don’t like anyone airing their business in public — but who also take issue with Byrne inflating his role. Byrne was a uniformed officer in Bill Clinton’s White House. But that’s the lowest level of protection within the White House and around the president.

People familiar with West Wing security laugh at the idea that Byrne or any uniformed officer ever would have walked in on Bill Clinton anywhere, whether in a meeting or, as a New York Post articleover the weekend claims, in the middle of a make-out session in the Map Room with the late daughter of former Vice President Walter Mondale. The Secret Service presidential detail would have stopped him. (That affair was a well-worn rumor during the Clinton years, though strongly denied by Eleanor Mondale, who died of brain cancer in 2011.)

I don't know what's sadder--the constant lies from people who wouldn't pass even the most basic test of their credibility or the trashing of the late Eleanor Mondale. I think it is very telling that they went with the Mondale story because she is not around to defend herself, proving that the people behind this latest smear campaign have no class or dignity. This book was published by Hatchette, and they should have known that trusting someone who didn't have actual access to the Clintons would blow up in their faces. As if they care about the details, right? In the anti-Clinton book industry, you have to sell as many copies as you can before everything in the thing is debunked and ridiculed. 

Gary Byrne's book has been featured on Breitbart and the usual Republican hit sites as if it was something unbiased and capably researched. It's not. It's the kind of thing that just doesn't pass muster and any mainstream outlet that reports on this is simply feeding the smear machine.

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