Thursday, February 11, 2016

Trollin', Trollin', Trollin'

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

This demonstrates that Hillary has mastered the art of trolling her enemies:
The 2016 presidential election has been one to remember, with mini-feuds breaking out in the Republican and Democratic primaries. Republican candidate Carly Fiornia hasn't been able to gain much traction, but was back in the news on the morning of the all-important New Hampshire primary.

Fiornia was the odd candidate out of the final debate before the New Hampshire primary, and most political pundits believe her campaign could end as soon as Wednesday morning. With the exception of a brief surge in late 2015, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard has landed at the bottom of most recent polls. As pointed out by The Hill on Feb. 9, Clinton ran into Fiornia's husband while making the rounds in Derry, New Hampshire, and had a message for the struggling conservative.
At a polling station in the small town of Derry, Clinton wore a smile on her face as she recognized and old friend in the distance. That friend was Frank Fiorina whose wife has made it a common theme to constantly attack Clinton on the campaign trail and during the debates.
"Great to see you!" Clinton said to Frank. Responding back, Frank asked if Hillary remembered him, to which she answered back, "I sure do." The two continued to exchange pleasantries, ending with Hillary telling Frank, "Give my best to Carly."
Give me eight years of this, please. "Give my best to Carly" ought to be on a bumpersticker, and soon.

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