Monday, February 8, 2016

Shooting the Democratic Party in the Foot

As each day goes by, the 2016 election looks more and more like a lost opportunity.

I have started to think that there really is a panic brewing in the Clinton campaign. If we're at a point now where Hillary Clinton is going to fire people, reorganize her campaign messaging staff, and make structural changes, my comment is, "when the hell were you going to figure out you needed to do that?"

Now is when voters are starting to pay attention. And you're just now figuring out you're running a Mark Penn campaign all over again? You better fire those people and fast. And if you're still listening to Mark Penn, please stop.

For us to be at a juncture where Clinton might need to "restructure" her campaign means it's over. It's too late for her to make a change in such a huge organization. This should have been done before Christmas.

Bill Curry wrote this today:
Clinton seeks to cast Sanders as the “other” by calling into question his loyalty to the establishment. It gets her nothing. Democrats will always be loyal to Bill and Barack, but know in their hearts it’s time to move on. The debate now is over what comes next.
Democrats haven't been loyal to Bill and Barack and no, they don't know it's time to move on. They aren't even fucking voting! They're not showing up and they don't care! Otherwise, why would we have had the 2010 and 2014 Congressional elections? Why would the makeup of the House look like someone's nightmare inside the wingnut goldmine?

Where were the Democrats when we needed them in 2014? They stayed home. Where were they when we needed them in 2010? They stayed home. Where were they during Clinton's impeachment? Laughing with everyone else?
I want to believe that Hillary is going to lock this thing up in a month or so but, structurally, that's not happening right now. It would take a momentum shift to deliver a knockout blow to Sanders, who is well financed right now and is running a campaign that is change-oriented, self-financing itself, and using social media in innovative ways. It's a 2016 campaign that is beating Clinton's tweaked 2008 campaign. She needs to make serious changes and look for help from the Democratic establishment. People need to show up and vote for her. They can't stay home anymore.

No matter what anyone tells you, that slice of the electorate that sits in the middle and decides Presidential elections is going to look at Sanders and look at who's running against him and pull the switch for the Republican. It's not because of the substance of the argument--it's because of the need for a change. Sanders is delivering change but I don't think he can win enough states to deliver. I think Hillary can win the states that Sanders can't and that's why I think we're headed for a cliff.

If we go over that cliff, the late 'teens are going to feature the dismantling of the social safety net to a degree that will make it almost impossible to put it back together. The overarching goal of the Republican Party is to criminalize poverty. I mean, full stop. That's what they believe.

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