Thursday, February 25, 2016

Romney Just Made Rubio's Financial History an Issue

This is a boat that is similar to the one Marco Rubio paid $80,000 for...

Mitt Romney can't help but step on his own junk:
“One thing I’ll mention is that before I would endorse somebody, I’d want to see their past taxes. We’ve got Cruz, Rubio and Trump -- haven’t released their tax returns. And I’d like to know, you know, have they paid taxes? How much money they made. So we haven’t seen that yet. I’d like to see that. But as we go along here, as the field narrows, I may endorse but that’s not anything immediate.”
Yeah, about that:
In an effort to showcase Sen. Marco Rubio's history of financial struggles, The New York Times reported Tuesday that the Florida Republican had spent "$80,000 for a luxury speedboat" even as he faced outstanding debts.
But while Rubio did indeed spend $80,000 on a boat, the vessel in question is not the glamorous "luxury speedboat" the Times article portrayed. It is, in fact, an offshore fishing boat.
On Tuesday, Rubio spokesperson Alex Conant sent POLITICO a link to a website showing the make and model of the boat Rubio owns: an EdgeWater 245CC Deep-V Center Console. The manufacturer, Edgewater, notes that the boat is perfect for "safety-minded family boaters and avid anglers." In a place like Miami, home to billionaires and stars who have multimillion-dollar yachts, an “$80,000 luxury boat” can seem like a contradiction.
Rubio’s campaign said his boat purchase included two new 150-horsepower 4-stroke Yamaha engines, a relatively standard amount of horsepower. According to eBay, each engine could cost as much as $16,000 — making the value of the boat hull itself less than $80,000.
The Times reported that Rubio "splurged" on this "extravagant purchase" after receiving an $800,000 advance on a book deal. "At the time, Mr. Rubio confided to a friend that it was a potentially inadvisable outlay that he could not resist," the article stated. "The 24-foot boat, he said, fulfilled a dream."
The Times reported that this purchase reflected "a series of decisions over the past 15 years that experts called imprudent: significant debts; a penchant to spend heavily on luxury items like the boat and the lease of a $50,000 2015 Audi Q7; a strikingly low savings rate, even when Mr. Rubio was earning large sums; and inattentive accounting that led to years of unpaid local government fees."
If this is how Romney helps the Rubio campaign, it's a safe bet that Marco will be back to not going to Senate hearings in a month or so. One thing you don't want to do when losing to a billionaire is make the fact that your poor-as-hell candidate doesn't have much of a savings account and can't manage his own finances.

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