Monday, February 8, 2016

Not Exactly a Moderate

John Kasich could emerge as the only alternative to Donald Trump:
A string of polls from New Hampshire put Ohio Gov. John Kasich just behind GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump ahead of Tuesday’s primary election. In a Monmouth University poll released Sunday, the real-estate mogul holds a steady 30 percent, with Kasich at 14. Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush are tied at 13 percent. Iowa caucus winner Ted Cruz is polling at 12 percent, while the remaining Republican presidential candidates are polling at or below 6 percent. Two other super PAC surveys also place Kasich in second.
Kasich has a pretty good thing going--he pretends to be sane, moderate, and experienced and he has a fairly high (as of last fall) approval rating in Ohio. He's governing the state like a Tea Party wannabe, however, except for that whole balanced budget sort of thing.

With actual conservative support, he would be a formidable candidate this fall. Without it, he'd be regionally popular but pose no threat to the Democratic candidate. It will take a billion dollars to elevate his name recognition factor to the point where enough people would notice him. He is not a celebrity now, nor will he be unless someone undertakes a massive effort to put him in front of the American people every day from now til election day.

I mean, if the American people weren't going to go for Mitt Romney, why would they go for this guy?

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