Sunday, February 21, 2016

No More Bushes Ever

This is the end of them:
Haunted by his famous last name and perpetually stuck in the shadows of his anti-establishment rivals, Jeb Bush repeatedly confronted rejection by voters and frustrating setbacks throughout the 2016 presidential race.
In South Carolina Saturday night Bush suspended his White House campaign and acknowledged a painful reality: The country was not interested in a third President Bush.
Bush's disappointing finish in the Palmetto State became the final straw for his floundering campaign. The end was all the more personal because the former Florida governor had poured his energy into the state, invoking his family's political legacy at one campaign stop after another and facing down voters who questioned his campaign strategy.
America is done with everything named Bush. And the same cannot be said of everything named Clinton because, hell, eight years of peace and prosperity sounds good to me right about now. We could use more of that.

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