Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Race Begins Monday

We are mere hours away from the beginning of the race for the presidency. It all kicks off when the Iowans gather and begin voting for whoever they think should be the nominee. 

Remember that the rules, for the Republicans, have changed--this was because of Ron Paul's strong 2012 finish in the state. If those same voters come out, they're going to split between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. They are not voting for ersatz Republicans this year. Oh, hell no.

Anyone who, up until now, has appeared weak or wishy-washy will be beaten silly tomorrow. They'll be used to clean the floors of the hotels that will overflow with panicked campaign workers. More than a few of them will be jettisoned or fired. These people don't want Jeb Bush and they don't want Chris Christie. I think they're going to go big for Rubio.

I have a sneaky suspicion that Donald Trump's "organization" will fail. Iowa is where you need an army just to get out of the starting blocks. In Trump's case, where is that army? Where are the loyal people needed to wage war? Did he remember to write the checks and pay for them? I am of the opinion that his campaign isn't savvy enough to win in Iowa. We will see if the air goes out of his campaign tomorrow. If it doesn't, and if he actually has supporters and organizers, then we'll know how serious he really is.

It'll be funny if more of those Ted Cruz mailers show up. I wonder if he's letting the Trump folks know that the election actually begins on Tuesday afternoon because of bad weather, a ballot mixup, and because he's a really, really big dick.

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