Thursday, January 28, 2016

The End is Near in Oregon

The Federal Government has been masterful in handling the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, and it would be a tragedy if anyone else had to die for what amounts to nothing:
The four people who remain holed up inside the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon say they are ready to leave peacefully -- or prepared to die.
The nearly monthlong armed occupation of the refuge -- a protest of federal land policies -- began to crumble this week when leader Ammon Bundy and seven other occupiers were arrested. One was killed in a traffic stop Tuesday night when authorities made some of those arrests.
Three others were arrested Wednesday when eight more left the refuge.
They committed felonies! They destroyed public property! They destroyed artifacts and protected archaeological ruins! They should all be arrested, provided with representation, and made subject to the same laws all of us live under. They are innocent til proven guilty. They should enjoy the same privileges and rights all of us have. 

It's clear, so far, anyway, that the popularity of begging for snacks did not lead to thousands of like-minded patriots making the journey to Oregon. They're out there, hunkered down, perhaps waiting for a better location to occupy. They should take over an American military base. Fort Hood, Texas would be a pushover for a few dozen fat boys in camo. I'd love to see that on the news.

Everything that happened was a theater of the absurd. They thought they were making a point; they thought they were the start of a popular movement. But then, some people sent them dildos. Everything turned to shit after that. Meanwhile, sensible people are trying to make sense of how to live with one another in the American West.

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