Sunday, January 17, 2016

It's 1988 All Over Again

This poor fellow at the New York Post must have spent a good amount of time trying to Wikipedia his way into the hearts of his prospective readers. In this article, you'll hear the breathless indictment of Bernie Sanders as a Communist. 

Yeah, no one cares, dude. No one cares. And if you knew anything about an FBI background check, you wouldn't humiliate yourself like this. Sanders has never hidden what he's about and he's never run from the truth of his background. I hardly think he would be sitting in the United States Senate if there was something to this whole thing of him being a "diehard Communist."

Has he been talking to the Politburo again? Gosh, I hope he remembered to use his secret encoder ring and the dead drop by the old pumpkin on Willoughby Lane. Good Lord.

There was a time when you could call someone a Communist and do real harm. That was twenty-seven years or so ago. Now, you get shrugs and a yawn. People have moved on. And no one is talking about Eugene Debs anymore, either.

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