Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Comment from Obi-jon Kenobi

A masterful rant on what's really going on:

The problem with all of the Y'all Qaeda yahoos running around with guns and pumped up on half-truths, hyperbole, and hysteria spoon-fed to them by the reich-wing echo chamber, is that there has NEVER been an objection raised by these people to the abuses of public lands by the special interests and various individual ranchers, loggers, and miners that have been responsible for degrading these lands. . . NEVER. It's always about the way they've been victimized by the government agencies tasked with administering (and protecting) public lands. When those same lands are destroyed, when forests become stump farms, when mining companies buy land at rates set in an 1872 mining act, take all of the minerals and leave the toxic waste for the taxpayers to deal with, when the frackers suck up precious water during a drought and dump the toxic remains in the nearest river, not a problem with these people.

They're all fine with watching the land go to hell as long as they get their share of the action, as long as their cattle get the cut-rate grazing rates reduced to zero, as long as they can drive their four-wheel and all-terrain vehicles though ancient ruins and up trails into wilderness areas, and as long as they can get high-wage jobs from one of the exploiters, f*ck the public lands and all the people that want to keep them that way.

Every protest that draws these cretins - including this one and the last one the Bundys were involved in - is fueled by misinformation on purpose, after all, outrage is the coin of the realm in hate-talk radio and conservative cable, it stirs up the rubes and yahoos and drives them to the polls to vote or take over a public refuge. It doesn't matter if it destroys the country in the process, it gains political power for the right-wing agenda (see the Republican politicians flocking to the refuge to hold hands with the "patriots").

You simply can't believe ANYTHING they say or believe any people that come forward to tell their tales of the evil tyranny of the BLM or whomever they want to assign blame to, you have to double and triple check every detail, after all, these are the same people repeating the claims of the Hammonds despite a court transcript with sworn testimony that contradicts their story. I believe some of the information about the BLM abuses is probably true but the problem is I can't believe any of the sources, they don't even know when they've been misled. The Hammond's case is just one of many examples of the distortion of information in order to support an agenda.

The people pushing this agenda are either ignorant of the facts or they're willing to be part of the propaganda parade.
I'm reprinting this in full because, damn, son. Common sense is in short supply. Why not inject a bit into the mainstream? This is too goddamned sentient to die on a comment thread. And if this fine fellow asks, I'll take this down because these are his words. The fact that they make perfect sense is a feature, not a bug.

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