Monday, November 2, 2015

Mike Barnicle Can't Come Up With One Original Thought

Awful comparison, and wildly off the mark:
Just 50 years ago, the U.S. made the disastrous decision to ramp up its involvement in Vietnam. Is President Obama repeating the same mistake?
History is like a nagging friend, a back-seat driver or a Monday morning quarterback always ready to tap you on the shoulder with an often annoying reminder of the obvious, of something startling that’s been forgotten in the dust of time passed. And fifty years isn’t exactly in yesterday’s rear view mirror.
I found myself thinking about something the other day that took place exactly 50 years ago. The ghost of that long gone time jumped off the page of the newspaper as I read about the Obama administration’s decision to announce publicly for the first time that a small unit, less than 50, of Special Operations troops would soon be on the ground inside Syria. They will be advising, working and fighting alongside one element or another of rebels combating both ISIS and Bashar al-Assad, the killer who leads what’s left of his broken state.

Yeah, about that whole thing where history repeats itself. If you're a serial plagiarist, you really don't want to make that comparison.And if you're a hack like Mike Barnicle, you've just written the laziest and hackiest column of the year.

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