Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Congress Needs Residential Space

There's an easy solution for this, but no one will do anything about it because that would take creativity and common sense:

The speaker has no house.

Of all his unusual traits for his new role — relative youth, a love of Clif bars for lunch and an excessive interest in tax policy — the most notable may be Speaker Paul D. Ryan’s insistence on sleeping in his Capitol Hill office.

Like scores of other members of Congress, most of them Republican, Mr. Ryan chooses to bed down in a cot in his office every night the House is in session.

Congress should do the following:

  • Build at least five or more apartment buildings that can be secured and maintained by the U.S. Park Service or Congress itself or acquire them outright.

  • Create at least 400 units that could accommodate families through careful analysis of the housing market near Capitol Hill.

  • Ban the practice of sleeping in Government offices

  • Provide units for all members of Congress (except those wealthy enough to decline this benefit)

  • Cut Congressional pay by $15,000 per year if a member uses this benefit in order to pay for housing.

You're welcome.

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