Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Can Any of These People Beat Hillary Clinton?

I mean, what's the real question here?

11. Maria Bartiromo says something nice about Hillary Clinton, and gets booed.
Bartiromo, referring to Clinton: “You will be facing a candidate with an impressive resume.” The crowd booed loudly. The shot cut to Rubio smiling.
Bartiromo: “She has arguably more experience, certainly more time in government, than almost all of you on stage tonight.

If you're like me and can't get past the fact that there were virtually no verifiable facts discussed last night during the Republican Presidential Debate (s) last night on Fox Business Channel, what are you left with?

Well, no one looked presidential, did they? No one looked like a lock on the nomination. No one smelled like a winner. No one presented facts with stature and maturity. No one looked like they could stand on a stage with Hillary Clinton and not be torn to pieces with fact-based analysis and questioning. There is an amazing suspension of disbelief at work here, one that will backfire in a general election. No, we kinda need regulation. You are free to believe in whatever fantasy you want, but President Obama has been a much better steward of the economy than George W. Bush ever was.

I mean, as soon as Ohio Governor John Kasich began living in the real world, and talking like someone who has negotiated with lawmakers from a different party, he had his head handed to him. There's no place for that in a Republican primary debate.

The economic stuff was the killer for me last night. No one seems to have any idea how the economy works. One big hint--if someone from the Heritage Foundation tells you that, despite all evidence to the contrary, voodoo economics is the way to go, run.

The only path to victory for the Republicans lies along a road where the have the ability to exploit America's resistance to Hillary as a continuation of the Obama Administration. Something horrible has to happen to the economy. There is already a healthy resistance to Clinton because of the whole legacy issue. No one on that stage last night looked like a reasonable alternative. No one up there looked like they could beat Bernie Sanders, either.

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