Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Canada is Turning to the Left

I saw a similar version of this in Germany a few years ago:
A left-leaning party has won a surprise victory in Alberta, one of Canada's most conservative provinces.
The New Democratic Party (NDP) ended the Progressive Conservatives' (PC) 44-year rule of the province.
Political observers were stunned by the result, with one commentator saying: "Pigs do fly".
Alberta's Premier Jim Prentice, a former member of Tory Prime Minister Stephen Harper's cabinet, said he was stepping down from political life.
He only became premier in September, and called the snap election in April to seek a mandate after bringing in a tough tax-raising budget.
The NDP, which has never held more than 16 seats in the 87-seat legislature, looks set to win about 55 seats.
Granted, this is a regional Canadian development that has more to do with how that province has been governed, but there has always been a secessionist movement in Western Canada. The ultra-conservative mindset (think Idaho or Wyoming) of that region appears to be changing.
In Germany, the "greens" took over Baden-W├╝rttemberg and raised taxes after they closed a nuclear power plant outside of Heilbronn. There, people just shrugged and dealt with it. Democracy being what it is, I can't help but wonder what would happen if a bunch of Republicans were thrown out of office. The move to take away the legitimacy of their defeat would be played out in the media, no doubt.
As long as environmentalism remains a "liberal" concept, you could see the rise of politicians who are on the right side of those issues. Why there isn't a rabid environmental movement in Oklahoma or West Virginia right now is beyond comprehension. If there was ever a need for "green" politics, those are the states where it should flourish.

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