Monday, April 6, 2015

Ron Christie Has No Case to Make

Fast-forward to the present day. In a private bill-signing ceremony, several supporters of Governor Pence’s who strongly define marriage as between a man and a woman surrounded him as he put his signature on the new law. All of a sudden—instant crisis and scandal: Republicans are bigots and against the LGBT community. Based on no facts, no evidence, nothing other than Democrat opponents asserting this as the truth. And Republicans largely cowered in response.

First of all, it wasn't the Democratic Party or the media that compelled Indiana to change anything. It was the harsh condemnation of NASCAR and Wal-Mart, among others, that signaled firm displeasure. These are the natural constituencies of the Republican Party; they're the ones who can raise money for campaigns and fund primaries to run people out of office.

Three of the lobbyists who pushed hardest for last year's gay marriage ban — Micah Clark of the American Family Association of Indiana, Curt Smith of the Indiana Family Institute and Eric Miller of Advance America — were among the 70 to 80 guests invited to the private bill signing.

Third, an even casual look at what these three "lobbyists" have said and done would lead any rational person to conclude that they are bigoted, anti-gay hate mongers:

Micah Clark:

-- Used biblical passage about it being "better to have a millstone tied around your neck and thrown in the sea" in reference to the Boy Scouts accepting gay youth: "What did Christ say about harming the least of these?  He said it would be better to have a millstone tied around your neck and be thrown in the sea on the day of judgement than to cause a child to stumble into sin.  And if we're going to support organizations telling kids that homosexuality is okay—which is treatable, changeable, you don't have to be homosexual, but if you are, you are at significiantly higher risks of mental harm, pshycial harm, emotional harmm and spiritual harm—we cant be a part of that.  (Source; starts around 2:00 mark)

-- An advocate of so-called "ex-gay" therapy, claims "[t]here are scores of organizations across America that help people overcome same-sex attraction disorder and gender identity confusion; his organization promotes three different groups geared toward "changing" gay people

-- Compared a license plate benefitting an LGBT youth center to a plate promoting smoking; claimed the youth center "recruits" gays: "You have to question what the BMV was thinking when they approved a license plate for a group which recruits teens into the homosexual lifestyle. Since health risks do not seem to matter, what is to prevent a cigar club from now getting a license plate from the BMV?"

-- Claims that "homosexuality has no societal benefit...and its individually destructive and dangerous." (*specific quote found at comment labeled "February 07, 2009 at 09:32 AM;" general idea is repeated throughout thread)

-- Publicly raged against a lesbian student who felt more comfortable wearing a tuxedo to her high school prom, claiming her choice was both a "sexual statement" and "destructive"

-- Claimed a political party's support for marriage equality was really "calling for the unraveling of marriage " and was an attempt to "official undermine the family"

-- Chastised media for reporting on openly gay NBA player Jason Collins, putting Collins in the same category as "musicians who run afoul of the law or father multiple children out of wedlock": "It is a strange world we live in when we elevate athletes who deviate from natural norms, we heap fame on musicians who run afoul of the law or father multiple children out of wedlock and turn our backs on those of honorable behavior like Tim Teabow [sic].  We mock or even attack anyone who stands for traditional values. All the while, we continue to wonder why we have so many social problems."

Curt Smith:

-- Promotes conferences that seek to "change" gay people

-- Admits: "...I believe homosexuality is harmful to all, including society, and is against the teachings of the God of the Bible..."

-- Equates homosexuality with bestiality and adultery: "The Judeo-Christian worldview at the heart of Western culture and so our legal and governmental systems (Ten Commandments, an "eye for an eye," the very concepts of mercy, justice and rehabilitation) promotes marriage and family while decrying other modes of sexuality -- homosexuality, bestiality, adultery, etc"

-- Uses skewed "research" from activists who share his view to claim "that gay men can change from homosexual to heterosexual orientation" and that "homosexual orientation is not an immutable fact of nature or Creation." 

-- Refers to details surrounding Matthew Shepard's tragic murder as gay activist "propaganda;" claimsthe real takeaway from the gay man's brutal murder is that marriage should be "strengthened" (i.e. gays should be blocked from to) so that drug abuse will be discouraged

-- In Thanksgiving post, taunted his blog readers, "So prove me wrong today.  Show me the gay community has a life beyond absorption with narcissistic sex. Show us you are truly "gay" as in thankful and happy."

Eric Miller:

-- Admits he believes "homosexuality is wrong"

-- While attempting to defeat federal hate crimes laws protecting LGBT people, falsely claimed pedophilia is a sexual orientation on par with homosexuality (*in fact, the APA classifies pedophilia as a behavior-based paraphilia)

-- Claims “[b]anning same-sex marriages and civil unions will prove to be the greatest moral battle of this generation.”

-- Distributed fear flier falsely claiming that pastors could be jailed for preaching against homosexuality once same-sex marriage passes

Now, I'm not an expert on who is, and who is not a bigot, but these three men sure look like bigots to me. Their beliefs are extreme and well out of the mainstream, and they are documented by groups like GLAAD who feel persecuted by their very public pronouncements. These are the three men, identified by name and affiliation, who were present at the private ceremony where Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed a bigoted law. Their "beliefs" are well to the right of an organization like NASCAR, enough so that the mere threat of pulling corporate events from the state drove the Pence Administration batty enough to beg for a do-over on this law.

And Ron Christie has the gall to argue that Republicans aren't bigots? This after a prominent Republican all but bathed himself in the approval of at least three easily identifiable bigots? Please.

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