Wednesday, February 11, 2015

NBC Thinks You Are an Idiot

So, if Brian Williams goes away for six months, it will mean he's the right journalist to lead the NBC News division? And that bringing him back in August of this year will mean that the dog days of summer will require his trusted, calm presence on the evening news, which no one watches anymore?

This works if everyone is stupid and forgets that Brian Williams has turned out to be a journalist who can't remember what happened to him when he was working as a journalist. Not sure if I believe that he will actually be back--I do think that if Lester Holt does respectable in the ratings, the next thing you'll hear about is how CNN has hired Brian Williams to lose yet another time slot to Fox News.

You see, it isn't about his politics, the history involved, or whether or not he's a good guy. None of that matters.

Brian Williams is a journalist.

Brian Williams likes to tell stories about what happened when he was working as a journalist.

Those stories have a lot of verifiable inaccuracies and badly recalled aspects to them.

Therefore, how good of a journalist is Brian Williams when Brian Williams can't tell you what actually happened to Brian Williams when Brian Williams was talking about things that were witnessed by Brian Williams.

See you in August.

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