Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Anti-Intellectualism Runs Amok in Modern America

There is a cottage industry out there that caters to the wealthy and the elite (they're Middle Class, but refuse to accept that fact) and it is based on flattering them and convincing them that they are smart for not vaccinating their "special" and "unique" children.

You're not going to convince someone who has made the decision not to vaccinate their children that they're foolish or arrogant or incredibly stupid. They have turned away from the debate and they are living the dream--the dream where their kids are healthy and where some other kid falls down in school, stricken by something that tormented America in the 1920s. Think of it as a Downton Abbey kind of nostalgia--the wealthy need not mingle with the peasants, you see, because the enclaves in which the elites live are populated with the right sort of people.

In America, you don't make progress by pointing out how dumb someone is for not listening to common sense. You make progress through the application of the law. The debate we're having right now could be ended, right quick, by the simple delivery of a vaccination law to the American people. It would save lives. It would need to come fully funded with no tricks for the hicks and no special exemption for the super rich of Malibu, California.

Anti-intellectualism is on a roll right now. If you ignore what we know to be true about medicine, economics, and the environment, you can take control of Congress and get on television and be taken seriously in this country. That's the media's shameful ignorance and nothing more.

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