Monday, January 12, 2015

The Day America Will Die

This is what landed in my in-box this morning, courtesy of the Washington Times.

"The Day America Will Die."

"Bloody Wednesday."

"The fallout of this historic event will be horrific for the unprepared."


Now, the Moonie Times is a reliably conservative rag. You can't get the news out of them for any amount of trying, but you can get fear mongering and nonsense. You can get endless ads and garbage. How do they survive? What happens when the Moonie money runs out?

The real villains are the clowns at Weiss Research. They paid the Moonie Times for the right to deliver this to people and to spread their irresponsible and hysterical fear-mongering.

This is pretty much all you need to know about Weiss Research, courtesy of the Securities and Exchange Commission. For sophisticated investors, it is easy to dismiss their outlandish claims. For not so savvy people, and you have to wonder how many of them have also been duped by the Moonie Times, how does this not equal predatory advertising and illegally trying to influence events through scare mongering?

Shouldn't we identify such firms? Why are they allowed to practice their trade in this country? And why doesn't the blowback hit the people at the Moonie Times who take money from such firms in exchange for SPAM e-mailing people? It's amazing what people think they can get away with.

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