Wednesday, January 28, 2015


There was a time when people actually cared about children in this country. I think it lasted for about a half a minute. It was when "We Are the World" came out and the government gave away a lot of free cheese. I know I'm being a nasty, shrill, simplistic bastard, but when you think of all of the kids who go to school hungry, who go home hungry, who go hungry on the weekends, and who go hungry because the food stamp benefits they are entitled to don't last until the end of the month, well, it's difficult to see how this plays out.

If a Republican running for President were to call the kids on food stamps moochers, he or she would reap the benefit of fundraising and media attention. That person would win the morning. That person would be devoid of a soul, but that's how we roll now. Hating poor people, blaming poor people, and demonizing poor people is a feature, not a bug anymore, and you can have it free with your distractions and your tax refund.

The 2016 election will see an onslaught of cash poured in by Republicans. I, personally, think that a Republican is going to win, hands down, because no one is paying attention. Is the economy good? Vote for the Daddy Party.

We are missing a vital and important discussion about hunger and the development of children. Whole groups of children, millions of them, are suffering in this country. So, of course, we're going to be distracted by a Flag Burning Amendment or the need to invade another country somewhere instead.

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