Friday, January 30, 2015

Mitt Romney Will Run For President in 2020

That's how I read this:
Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will not make a third run for president, CNN has confirmed, and will tell supporters on an 11 a.m. phone call he believes it's "best to give other leaders in the party the opportunity" to become the nominee.
Multiple Romney aides confirmed that text of his planned remarks during an 11 a.m. call with supporters posted online by radio host Hugh Hewitt are accurate, and that Romney will "do whatever I can" to elect the GOP nominee, but will not run himself.
The call comes as Romney has faced deep skepticism from some quarters of the Republican party over his interest in another run for president. His surprise announcement to donors earlier this month that he's interested in making another run for the White House upended the developing 2016 GOP primary field, freezing Republican staff and donors who were torn between their loyalties to the 2012 nominee and a new crop of potential contenders.
Romney's trial balloon crashed, so he's going to step aside for a moment and see who emerges as a front runner. He will wait and see if someone falters, and then he will expect to either be drafted as the nominee or announced as the early pick for Vice President.

There's no chance whatsoever that Romney is "done" with presidential politics. He's making a tactical move that will maintain his viability for another chance.

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