Monday, December 15, 2014

The CIA Could Use Some Positive Press Right Now

The CIA needs more stories like this out there so that people will stop talking about torture:
Homeland The TV drama accurately presents the mission, intensity, pace, contradictions and complexity of a CIA station engaged in deadly battle, say two agency veterans.

As the Season 4 finale of Homeland ironically coincides with the United States draw-down of combat troops from Afghanistan at the end of the month, we wanted to use this opportunity to provide some insight and context to our long history with a complicated region. While the two of us can hardly claim impartiality here, we do bring to this commentary more than 60 years of operational experience at CIA. Collectively, we have served as chief of station in seven countries and have had extensive involvement in the problems that Homeland presents to us this season. Chuck Cogan also headed the Middle-Eastern and South Asian operational division and John MacGaffin was head of the Central Eurasian operational division as well as associate deputy director for operations at CIA. Finally, John has been a consultant to Homeland throughout this season.
My reaction is, stop. We don't care because your love fest has been overtaken by events.

I realize that this is supposed to be about entertainment, but here the story seems to conflate a television show about the CIA with the work of the CIA in the real world and I just want to know when we'll get a "rectal feeding" episode out of the way because, um, that's all anybody is really thinking about right now.

The thing about evil is, when something awful looks sleek and smart and like something you might buy because you've been convinced by an article of the possibility that it couldn't be all bad, that's when you're face to face with it. That's when it takes a shot to the bridge of your nose and leaves you wondering why you weren't paying attention to the manipulation in the first place.

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