Friday, November 14, 2014

Only 25 Kids?

Did you think Idiocracy was a documentary? I know, me too!
A Memphis man with at least 25 kids by 15 different mothers is at it again.
More women claim he’s fathered children, and he’s still not paying up.
We first told you about Terry Turnage two years ago.
They called him the worst deadbeat dad ever. As we’ve found out since then, he’s wanted in another state by more women.
“Everybody tells me, ‘What you doing talking to him? How you didn’t know he had all these kids?’ Uh duh, I’ve been in school. I wasn’t out like that,” 22-year-old Paula Stewart said.
Stewart says she now knows the father of her 2-year-old son is the father of many.
Turnage shows up in court in rags, but around Forrest City, he’s known as the flashy club owner that drives fancy cars and goes by the name TYB. Those who know Turnage say it stands for ‘Take your B—-!’
Miesha Davis said she found out about Turnage when she called the Forrest City child support office.
“When I called. She was like, ‘Who?’ I said Terry T. Turnage. She was like, ‘He’s famous,’” Davis said.
That's not the good kind of famous, by the way. That's small town baby daddy fame.

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