Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ed Champion is the Troll You Have Never Heard Of

Some people just need to go away and stare hard at the walls forever. Ed Champion is one such individual.

If you read this story and follow the links, you'll find that Mr. Champion has decided to use the Internet in exactly the wrong way. Mastery of this art is found among certain groups of disassociated men who cannot function in polite society. They are often capable of taking the hate they harbor against women and turning that into money. Whoever pays Champion uses their money to advance the hatred of women on the Internet and that's all there is to it. Until someone figures out how to legislate effectively with regards to trolling, you can count on more clowns like this establishing a hold on the popular culture. How do you make a living in America hating women? The answer is, of course you do, of course you do.

How much art has been lost because of this man's relentless obsession with exactly the wrong things in life?

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