Saturday, September 27, 2014

It's All About the Bridges

Something interesting happened for a truck driver on the Rock Creek Parkway this morning:
A semi-truck that became wedged under the overpass of the Whitehurst Freeway bridge on Rock Creek Parkway Friday is severely impacting traffic.
All northbound lanes of Rock Creek Parkway at Potomac Freeway SW, just north of Virginia Avenue, will remain closed for an undetermined amount of time.
Southbound traffic is open but will periodically go down to one lane as needed as officials work to extract the truck.
This is not exactly the fault of the thinking that led Robert Moses to deliberately build bridges that would keep buses--and, thus, the "poor"--from accessing infrastructure on Long Island, but it does look like a situation that cries out for infrastructure and investment.
The bridge in question is pictured below. Note how old it is.
The bridge in question went into service in 1964, which was the height of the Moses era. Now, it could very well be that the semi in question was "overly tall" in some way or operated in an unsafe manner. It could very well be a case where a smart kid could walk up and tell them to let the air out of the tires so that the truck can be "unstuck" from where it is. Or this could be another example of how we have failed to make the improvements we need.

Tell me we don't have a missed opportunity to make things right in here somewhere...

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