Wednesday, June 11, 2014

There Isn't a Bench Yet

It's way, way too soon to start thinking about 2016, but some people can't get past the whole idea of what a Hillary Clinton candidacy means to the country:
Yes, it looks like Hillary Clinton is running. But what if she doesn’t? Suddenly it’s going to be the Democrats’ turn to panic.
There are not very many Republicans lying awake at night, unable to sleep, trembling with fear at the possibility of President Martin O’Malley.
No, though the Republican Party certainly has its share of troubles heading into the next presidential election, the biggest worries haunting the minds of Republicans hungry to retake 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are not the specters of the Maryland governor or Vice President Biden or many of the other might-runs out there on the left.
At this stage of the game in 2006, no one in their right mind would have picked Barack Obama to be the next President of the United States. He surged to the top of the polls because of his ability to hold his own against Clinton, Biden, and a host of others and he raised tons of money. He mastered the technology of eight years ago and figured out how to tap small donors and appeal to the bigger ones.

Whoever wins the 2016 nomination will have to collect money by the truckload and inspire people to come and vote. Obama knows that he cannot embrace the potential nominee because of the damage done to him but he cannot abandon his own agenda, even though there isn't a Congress worth working with on anything anymore. 

We haven't seen the full field. We know that the conservative movement will continue to exhibit all the signs of insanity and delusion that we have come to appreciate. I think there is an overwhelming fatigue with all things Clinton and Bush and that will rule the day.

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