Friday, June 13, 2014

The Third Iraq War

I guess we need to go back and fight a third war in Iraq:

This is insane bullshit and it is typical of the level of commentary in the wake of the collapse of the corrupt and incompetent Shia-led Iraqi military:
The United States made a grave mistake by invading Iraq in 2003. Yet it also made a grave mistake by withdrawing its military forces in 2011.

The notion that we were wrong to go in but that we were also wrong to get out is hard to comprehend for many people. Once Americans collectively settled on the idea that the Iraq War was a disaster, it was perhaps inevitable that we’d want to wash our hands of the whole ordeal. President Obama appeared to do just that when he declared in December of 2011 that “we’re leaving behind a sovereign, stable, and self-reliant Iraq,” knowing full well that we were doing no such thing. The disaster that is the Iraq War did not end when the last convoy of U.S. combat troops left the country more than three years ago, as many of us are now learning as the fragile Iraqi state loses ground to Sunni extremists.

There are precious few people who’ve been right about Iraq from the start. One of them is Brent Scowcroft, who had served as national security adviser in the first Bush administration. Americans had two big opportunities to listen to Scowcroft on Iraq. We blew both of them.
One of the people who was right about the war from the start got elected President with a mandate from the American people to end the war. And, when you get right down to it, the idea that we should go back to Iraq and fight another war is not only ludicrous and insane but completely anti-democratic as well. Joe Biden was right when he said that Iraq needed to be split into three distinct nation/states, one Kurdish, one Shia, and one Sunni. And if you opposed the 2003 war from the start and were right about everything since then, fuck off because you are impolite for being right.

The voters spoke--they removed the Republicans from Congress in 2006 and they chose President Obama over Senator John McCain. They spoke forcefully and unequivocally and they rewarded President Bush with a second term in large part because he pulled U.S. troops out of Iraq and has begun to disentangle America from Afghanistan. 

And what I really want to know is--who is going to pay the butcher's bill for this third war that so many on the right want to start? Who is going to find the 300,000 man invasion army and who is going to recruit and train the 750,000 men needed to occupy Iraq over the next five years, assuming we go back to rotating National Guard units in and out of the country on a one year on, one year off timetable? Who's going to rebuild the bases we abandoned? Who's going to recall all of the uparmored vehicles we dispensed with after the war? Who's going to put together the logistical chain to supply a third Iraq war?

Got three trillion dollars sitting somewhere? Get ready, because someone is itching to spend it and blast the national debt into orbit, all in the name of making certain that Doug Feith doesn't have to answer difficult questions for the rest of his life.

Are you a 17 year-old kid with all your fingers and toes? You should get ready for President Palin's draft, starting on January 21, 2017. Good luck getting into a college that will help you get a deferment.

This is a Sunni revolt against Shia rule in Iraq. That's really all it is, and it is far more complicated than the media's contention that a terrorist army will take control of Iraq and start flying ship-delivered drones into Martha's Vineyard by autumn. There was never going to be a Shia-ruled Iraq that didn't involve massive pushback and resistance from the professional Sunni military men behind the factional move to seize territory and drive the Shia-led military from the field. 

Terrorists don't seize and hold territory; armies of occupation do that.

So, go ahead, neoconservatives--cry about the loss of Iraq. It was never yours to begin with. You never accepted defeat so now you don't get to claim anything against the President who was elected to end the war and who brought the troops home.

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