Saturday, June 21, 2014

Everyone is Perfect in This Failed Agency

Of course they're perfect--why wouldn't they be?
No matter what you call it -- bonuses, incentives, market or performance pay -- the Department of Veterans Affairs gave out a lot to senior managers in recent years despite sometimes deadly waits for health care and other problems faced by American veterans.
A top VA official confirmed to a congressional committee on Friday that 78% of VA senior managers qualified for extra pay or other compensation in fiscal year 2013 by receiving ratings of "outstanding" or "exceeds fully successful," and that all 470 of them got ratings of "fully successful" or better.
Such widespread laudatory performance appraisals occurred shortly before CNN started reporting in November how veterans waited excessive periods for VA health care, with some dying in the process. The VA has acknowledged 23 deaths nationwide due to delayed care.
This has another name--institutionalized mediocrity. No on at the VA should get a bonus for another two years, if at all. Let this drive the people who place money over service from the agency; everyone who rises through merit and competence should be rewarded with a bonus for being part of the solution.

If all 470 of the people at this level in the Department of Veterans Affairs are that good, then the VA should be the most successful agency in the entire government. Or, if not, then it is an agency rife with corruption and incompetence that has gone undiscovered because of flawed leadership.

Fire them all. See if that fixes anything.

I've said it before--this wasn't about being embarrassed because a few old vets were waiting to see specialists. This was widespread fraud, plain and simple, driven by greed. These administrators covered up bad numbers everywhere so they could lavish bonuses on each other.

Fire. All. of. Them.

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