Sunday, April 20, 2014

The End of Golf

The demise of the sport of golf reminds me of the way horse racing and boxing have gone from being national sports in this country to being niche activities that hardly garner any interest at all--inevitable and overdue.

Our suburbs are full of golf courses no one wants to deal with. What comes next will be an effort to turn these large swaths of land into usable space. Parks? Hardly. No money in that. Luxury homes? That sounds far more likely to me. Whole communities have to be redesigned, not the least of which are the ones built for people who want to live on golf courses. Think of how mad they're going to be and then realize that they're essentially going to die off in the next twenty years.

Change is coming. I think that an entrepreneur with some grasp of planning, function and design should be able to make a killing converting golf courses into useable space. Maybe using set asides and following some best practices will allow for conversion to render what used to be a golf course with water hazards into a functional space that is safe for families will work. I think we need more dog parks and more outdoor recreation but definitely no new golf courses.

How'd you like to be in that business? Those are the folks who need to lead the way on converting old golf courses.

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