Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Baby Fart Car

The tipping of Smart Cars will continue until morale improves or until someone gets tired of being arrested for vandalizing someone else's vehicle.

When I lived in Germany, we identified the Smart Car by its proper name--the Baby Fart Car. Living near Boeblingen and Sindelfingen meant driving by the factory where these things are made. Smart cars were ubiquitous and plentiful. There is a dealer in Leonberg where they stack these things in a glass tower eight or nine or ten high.

They psychologically transform the driver into a smug, self-centered individual, convinced of their right to judge others because they are, in fact, saving the world by driving a half of a car around. I passed one because it was leaving a ridiculous space between it and the car in front of it in heavy traffic. The driver was apoplectic. Ignoring his tantrum was easy, however, in my Mini.

I would never own one of these things. They are safe, but other drivers may have a hard time seeing them.

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